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The combination system is the simplest form of central heating system available.  

A Combination boiler is two appliances in one - a pressurised central heating boiler and an instantaneous water heater.  

The main benefit of a combination boiler is that it heats water directly from the cold mains giving continuous hot water on demand to all taps at mains pressure with no need for any tanks.  Water is only heated when required and is therefore usually more efficient and economical than a hot water storage cylinder which is part of a conventional system however, hot water will normally only flow from  one tap at a time therefore this system is not ideal for installations with more than one bathroom/shower room.  Heat flow to radiators is interrupted whilst hot water is being drawn.

From April 2002, changes in the Building Regulations effect how your installer replaces your boiler or makes changes to your heating controls. For further details click here Click here for more information

From time to time, your central heating system may require bleeding or re-pressurising. For further details click here Click here for more information

Combination System

Combination System - Click for larger picture

Conventional System

Conventional Heating System - Click for Larger Picture

All installations are carried out in accordance with relevant regulations and good practice.