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Over the years there have been many changes to the way in which a person carrying out works on gas appliances has been regulated.

Back in the dark ages of gas appliances, there were no regulations whatsoever and anyone that felt half capable could install a gas appliance.

Following a major gas explosion in a 22 story block of flats called Ronan Point in Canning Town, London in 1968 there was a determination to protect the public from unsafe gas installations and, in 1970,  CORGI (Confederation for the Registration of Gas Installers) was formed.

Initially affiliation to CORGI was on a voluntary basis but in 1991 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) asked CORGI to maintain a register of competent gas installers in the UK and CORGI become the 'Council for Registered Gas Installers'.  CORGI's responsibility  now extends to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man with moves to improve gas safety in The Channel Isles.

Since 1991 Registration to CORGI is a legal requirement for anyone working on gas fittings or appliances.  Every CORGI registered engineer must also undertake re-assessments of their competence every 5 years.

CORGI are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of users of gas appliances.

April 1998 saw the introduction of the CORGI ID card which was to be carried by all registered installers.  A major awareness campaign was launched aimed at educating the public in the need to use only properly trained and qualified gas installers and engineers who will ensure that any gas work is carried out within regulations.  The public could now confirm by a quick phone call or by accessing the internet that the person carrying out gas work in their home was properly trained and qualified to do so.

One of the main problems at present is that there are some people out there claiming to be CORGI registered and potentially putting customers at risk with shoddy workmanship and their lack of knowledge of safety regulations governing the installation etc of gas appliances.  CORGI are making every effort to curtail their activities by introducing regulations making it more and more difficult for these cowboys and rogue traders to carry out work on gas appliances.

In conjunction with the changes to building regulations April 2005 sees the start of 'The Complete Safety Initiative'  whereby a gas installer will be required to provide the customer with a Declaration of Safety or Building Regulations Compliance Certificate and provide CORGI with a Gas Work Notification whenever a gas appliance is installed or replaced.  CORGI will then provide the customer with a declaration of safety stating that the work has been undertaken by a qualified and competent CORGI registered installer. For more information click here Go To Work Notification Information

The above is to pave the way for the introduction of the Home Information Pack (HIP) in 2006/2007 which will require home owners to provide evidence of correct installation of all new fittings before solicitors will process the sale of the house.  For more details of the Home Information Pack click here

Once again, further regulation of the gas industry to defeat the efforts of the cowboy and rogue trader and keep the consumer safe.